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Ship Chandling

SALEH RAWTHER is a one-stop source for all your stores & provisions. The company provides a full range of ship chandlers supplies that are of premium quality. Our supplies are competitively priced & cater to all public ports, terminals & anchorage throughout Malaysia. Widely sought after in Penang & Port Klang, we supply everything from a specific brand of ice cream to valves for the vessels. Our provisions & stores items are sourced locally in competitive areas and we deliver marine & offshore supplies to the international shipping industry as well as to the offshore industry. We provide ship chandling supplies for the following items:


SALEH RAWTHER offers a complete range of fresh, frozen & dry provisions. Clients of ours can be assured that only the freshest and best ingredients will be provided to them through our network of wholesalers. If the products clients have requested are not available or do not meet our standards, they will not be delivered and clients will be notified immediately. We care about our professional relationship and not about just making the sale.

Bonded Stores

SALEH RAWTHER is able to supply a wide range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, spirits, cigarettes & confectionary. We also provide perfumes, toiletries & an exclusive range of gift items. Additionally, we offer our client’s an extensive range of electronic items. These include the latest models of TV, DVD & stereo equipment. Our range extends to clothing & luggage items when requested. We satisfy every need.

Cabin Stores

A complete range of cabin supplies are all available at our company. Everything from soap to bedding & galley equipment’s is available in a variety of forms. We also equip new buildings by sourcing equipment’s locally & around the world. We ensure that all partners, from the procurement departments to individual seafarers are all satisfied with the purchasing process.

Deck & Engine Stores

SALEH RAWTHER can provide all types of ship accessories & nautical equipment for decks, engines & cabins. Charts, nautical, publications, flags, stationery, safety equipment, rust removers, brushes, tools & much more are available from our local warehouse. We deliver engine stores such as tools, bolts, screws & steel, as well as heavy machinery. We supply electrical equipment in all voltage ranges to suit any application, from a simple light bulb to the most advanced electronics.

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